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Consistent Cake Baking Made Easy

Discover the power of Cakeometer, the ultimate solution for achieving consistent and perfectly baked cakes. With its innovative design and advanced features, Cakeometer takes your baking experience to a whole new level.

  • Precise Temperature Control: Say goodbye to undercooked or overbaked cakes. Cakeometer ensures precise temperature measurement throughout the baking process, guaranteeing consistent results every time. Achieve the ideal texture and flavor with ease.
  • In-Batter Sensor Stability: Experience unmatched accuracy with Cakeometer’s in-batter sensor stability. The sensor remains securely in place within the batter, providing real-time temperature readings. No more guesswork – bake with confidence.
  • Depth Control for Even Baking: Achieve perfectly even baking with Cakeometer’s depth control feature. It ensures that the entire cake bakes uniformly, eliminating the risk of uneven layers or raw centers. Every slice will be a delight.

Unleash the Power of Deep Data Collection

Cakeometer goes beyond conventional baking tools by offering deep data collection capabilities. It empowers you to analyze and optimize your baking process for consistent, professional-quality results.



Electronic Controls Design Inc.

(ECD) stands as a global authority in thermal monitoring and analytical technology, venturing into innovative dry storage solutions, most notably in the unique realm of cakeometers. Situated in Milwaukee, Oregon, ECD pioneers advancements in the electronics, solar, and bakery sectors. Renowned for its award-winning thermal profiling technology, intelligent dry storage cabinets, and a data-rich software platform, ECD emerges as the preferred partner for engineers worldwide.
Central to ECD’s ethos is a commitment to excellence and reliability. Their pursuit of perfection extends across all facets, spanning product development and customer interactions. True to their word, ECD maintains a steadfast approach to promises made. At the forefront of process management tools in their respective fields, ECD’s employees uphold business relationships with unwavering integrity. If your company seeks collaboration, don’t hesitate to reach out and explore the innovative world of cakeometers with us.

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