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Unlock Seamless Testing with Our Cutting-Edge Test Fixture

Enhance Testing Efficiency with Precision and Stability

Experience Flawless Results: Our test fixture is expertly crafted to optimize your testing process. With precision engineering and advanced technology, this fixture ensures accurate and reliable test results every time.

Sturdy and Reliable Setup: Say goodbye to manual adjustments and unreliable setups. Our test fixture securely holds your devices in place, providing a stable testing environment that eliminates the risk of movement or misalignment.

Streamlined Testing Process: Boost your testing efficiency with this state-of-the-art fixture. Its user-friendly design streamlines the testing process, saving you time and effort while maintaining the highest level of accuracy.

The Ultimate Solution for Versatile Testing Needs

Versatile Testing: Our test fixture is your ultimate solution for testing a wide range of electronic devices. From circuit boards to electronic components, this fixture is designed to cater to diverse testing scenarios.

Unmatched Performance: When it comes to performance, our test fixture stands in a league of its own. Experience unparalleled precision and reliability in testing, making it an indispensable tool for any electronics testing environment.

Future-Proof Your Testing Setup with Cutting-Edge Technology

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Embrace the future of testing with our cutting-edge test fixture. Built with the latest technology and innovations, this fixture is designed to future-proof your testing setup, ensuring it remains relevant and efficient for years to come.

Precision at Its Finest: The devil is in the details, and our test fixture excels in precision. Its intricate design allows for the most accurate testing, giving you invaluable insights into the performance of your electronic devices.


Garland Service Company (GSC)

For several decades, GSC has been a leading provider in the electronic assembly industry, offering top-notch engineering, design, and custom fixture manufacturing services. In 2008, the company underwent a transformative shift by implementing a robust Quality Management System, transitioning from a people-based approach to a process-driven model. Shortly after, GSC achieved ISO:9001 certification for its Quality Management System, solidifying its position as the sole ISO certified tooling provider catering to the “engineering, design, and manufacturing of custom fixtures and tooling for the electronic assembly industry.”

GSC stands as the ultimate partner for all PCB tooling needs, offering a diverse range of products designed for PCB assembly, inspection, and testing. From box-building assembly fixtures to essential items like wash baskets, fingers, and nozzles, GSC covers the entire spectrum of requirements. What sets them apart is their unparalleled problem-solving expertise, backed by ISO certified processes, ensuring they deliver market-leading value and unparalleled solutions to their esteemed customers.

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