Automatic Board Support Pin

Unlock the Power of Automatic Board Support Pins

Elevate Your PCB Manufacturing: Discover the game-changing Automatic Board Support Pin, a revolutionary tool designed to support PCBs automatically. Say goodbye to cumbersome setups and manual adjustments – our cutting-edge pins effortlessly adapt to the PCB surface and lock in place with a simple press of the handle.

Stability and Precision: Keep your PCBs in perfect position during screen printing, preventing any unwanted board movement or flex. With our gridlock PCB support, you can achieve unparalleled stability and precision, ensuring flawless printing results.

Efficiency and Adaptability: Our gridlock PCB support is designed for efficiency and adaptability. No need to supply air – the automatic locking mechanism saves you time and effort. Once you’re done with one PCB, unlock the pins and seamlessly switch to another, all while maintaining the same secure and adjustable support.

Durable and Safe: Your PCBs are in safe hands with our gridlock PCB support. Covered with ESD caps, all pins are meticulously protected, ensuring your components remain damage-free throughout the manufacturing process. Invest in a tool that prioritizes both durability and safety.

SMT Tooling – PSA Systems

Charles Moncavage, the visionary founder of SMT Tooling, revolutionized the industry by introducing the first automatic SMT tooling solution over two decades ago. Since then, he has continuously pushed the boundaries of technology, enhancing it multiple times with innovations like Grid-lok Tooling and the recent Quik-tool. Each advancement has been driven by valuable feedback from the global customer base, ensuring that SMT Tooling stays at the forefront of the market.

Now, SMT Tooling proudly presents their latest offering, featuring a new and improved design with tighter pin support density arranged in a diamond pattern. This innovative approach eliminates soft spots, providing unparalleled support, surpassing any other system on the planet. And the best part? All these remarkable enhancements are now available at a much more affordable cost, making it even more accessible to customers seeking top-notch SMT tooling solutions.

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