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Reflow, Wave, Selective Profiling

Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy with the Reflow Profiling System


Revolutionary Design for Efficient Thermal Profiling

Experience a groundbreaking approach to thermal profiling with the Reflow profiling system. This innovative device combines deep data collection and the convenience of a touch screen interface, providing immediate access to actionable information right at your fingertips. With its user-friendly capacitive touch screen, operators can effortlessly configure, measure, and analyze data on the device itself, eliminating the need for extensive training. Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and welcome a new era of efficiency.

Simple and Immediate Status Confirmation

Stay informed with the on-screen instrument status display of the Reflow profiling system. Live temperature readings, thermal profiles, and a KPI table give you a comprehensive overview of your thermal processes. With this real-time information, you can quickly assess the status of your operations and make informed decisions.

Preventative Maintenance Made Easy

Efficiently manage your profiling system with built-in calibration reminders and battery life/charge indicators. The Reflow profiling system ensures that you never miss a calibration or run out of battery power unexpectedly. Additionally, the memory status feature keeps you informed about available storage space, allowing you to maintain a seamless workflow.

Flexibility and Performance

The Reflow profiling system supports multiple thermocouple types, offering flexibility in your temperature measurement needs. With sampling speeds of up to 100 samples per second, this system provides accurate and detailed data for precise analysis and process optimization.


Reflow, Wave, Selective Profiling


ECD is a renowned company specializing in thermal profiling solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. With years of expertise and a commitment to innovation, ECD has become a trusted name in the field.

ECD’s profiling products are developed through a combination of advanced engineering, cutting-edge technology, and industry expertise. The company prioritizes accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces in their product design. ECD’s profilers incorporate features like USB connectivity, intuitive controls, high-capacity batteries, and robust construction to meet the demands of modern electronics manufacturing.

By offering comprehensive thermal profiling solutions, ECD empowers manufacturers to achieve optimal process control, improve yield, reduce rework, and enhance overall product quality. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted partner for electronics manufacturers worldwide.

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