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Bed-of-Nails In-Circuit Tester

Superior In-Circuit Test Solutions: Unraveling the Power of SPEA’s Bed of Nails Board Testers

SPEA’s innovative Bed of Nails Board Testers unlock a world of possibilities for electronic product testing. With scalability, unmatched speed, and unparalleled diagnostic precision, these In-Circuit Test platforms redefine efficiency and test coverage across a diverse range of electronic products.

Unmatched Performance and Efficiency: Revolutionizing In-Circuit Board Testing with SPEA

Designed to elevate yield, streamline testing processes, and optimize cost-of-test, SPEA’s In-Circuit Board Testers stand at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Embodying the unique Multi-Tester and Multi-Core Architecture, these testers empower up to tenfold greater throughput compared to conventional ICT test systems, ensuring swift and reliable results.

Confidence in Every Test: Putting Trust in SPEA’s ICT Testers

With unwavering precision and zero-failure escape, SPEA’s ICT Testers deliver consistent and dependable testing results for an array of applications, including automotive, energy, medical, aerospace, lighting, and the dynamic realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). Offering automatic and manual board handling, full scalability, and on-field upgradeability, these exclusive features make SPEA’s ICT Testers the ultimate solution for electronics manufacturers, providing flexibility and reliability for enduring and intensive use over the years.

Bed-of-Nails In-Circuit Tester


Established in 1976, SPEA emerged during a transformative era in technology. As the realm of electronics expanded into computer science, ushering in the widespread adoption of personal computers, an atmosphere of remarkable creativity prevailed.

Driven by the visionary thinking of Luciano Bonaria, a passionate test engineer employed at General Electric, SPEA was conceived with the aim of developing standardized testing equipment for electronic devices. The company’s initial focus was on supplying these solutions to board manufacturers, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey characterized by outstanding achievements and continual advancement.

Experience Superior Testing Solutions

SPEA Automatic Test Equipment offers advanced testing capabilities for semiconductors, MEMS, and electronic boards across various industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, defense, and more.

Unleashing Creativity and Innovation. Established in 1976, SPEA is renowned for its cutting-edge design and manufacturing of automatic test equipment for Semiconductor ICs, MEMS, electronic boards, and modules. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the company continues to lead the global market in this high-tech field.

From automobiles to smartphones, from tablets to intricate aerospace and medical devices, SPEA’s equipment empowers semiconductor and electronics manufacturers to ensure the exceptional quality and reliability of their products, day after day.

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