Hand Soldering


Unleash the potential of Hand Solderinng  – the cost-effective, high-performance solution you’ve been seeking. 


Flawless Alignment, Superior Performance

Spend less time aligning and more time achieving perfection. Hand Soldering features a two-color LED optical alignment system, delivering crystal-clear visibility for precise component-to-site alignment. Our movable X-Y table with micrometer fine adjustment ensures impeccable accuracy, eliminating any room for error. Say goodbye to rework inconsistencies and welcome repeatable thermal performance.

Unmatched Thermal Uniformity, Reliability

Trust in our efficient convection heaters that deliver exceptional thermal uniformity throughout the rework process. Experience the advantage of board conditioning (preheat) based on temperature measurements via thermocouples, enabling precise temperature control. Our commitment to reliability ensures that each rework operation achieves consistent results, giving you the confidence to tackle any project.

MES Interface for Seamless Integration

Keep track of all rework operations effortlessly with our MES interface. The automatic event log provides detailed information on each step, allowing for comprehensive traceability. Seamlessly transfer reflow processes between systems, enabling smooth workflow and efficient collaboration. Embrace the power of sharing profiles between VJE systems, maximizing productivity across your entire organization.


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