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The JW Corporation

Stencil Printers

Unleash Precision Printing with Our Stencil Printers

Achieve Unmatched Precision

Elevate your PCB manufacturing to new heights with our cutting-edge Stencil Printers. Designed for precision and accuracy, these printers ensure that your solder paste is applied with meticulous detail, leaving no room for imperfections.

Effortless Operation

Perfect Prints Every Time Experience the ease of operation with our printers. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to PCB assembly, our printers offer a user-friendly interface, making each print a seamless and error-free process. Say goodbye to time-consuming setups and hello to perfect prints every time.

Unrivaled Efficiency for Your Production

Line Maximize your production efficiency with our Stencil Printers. Featuring advanced automation and quick setup capabilities, these printers are engineered to keep up with high-speed manufacturing lines. Stay ahead of deadlines and ensure a smooth workflow with the efficiency our printers bring to your production floor.

Key Features:

  • Precision printing for flawless solder paste application
  • Effortless operation with a user-friendly interface
  • Unmatched efficiency for high-speed production lines
Stencil Printers


Founded in 1887, Yamaha Corporation stands as a distinguished Japanese multinational corporation with an extensive history exceeding a century. Over the years, Yamaha has evolved into a prominent global brand, excelling in diverse industries such as musical instruments, audio equipment, electronics, and industrial machinery.

Within the realm of electronics, Yamaha has garnered acclaim for its state-of-the-art surface mounter products, including cutting-edge Stencil Printers. Yamaha’s surface mounters and Stencil Printers represent advanced machinery crucial to the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs). These technological marvels play a pivotal role in the surface mount technology (SMT) process, where electronic components are mounted directly onto the PCB surface. The development of Yamaha’s surface mounters, including the incorporation of innovative technology, precision engineering, and stringent quality control measures, underscores their commitment to excellence.

Yamaha’s dedication to innovation, precision engineering, and customer satisfaction has solidified its prominent position in the surface mounter market. Widely trusted by electronics manufacturers globally, Yamaha’s machines, including the advanced Stencil Printers, are recognized for their reliability, efficiency, and ability to meet the exacting requirements of contemporary PCB assembly processes.


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