Stencil Printers

Achieve Unrivaled Print Accuracy with Stencil Printers

Precision at Its Finest – The 3S Head Technology

Experience the pinnacle of solder printing accuracy with YAMAHA’s revolutionary 3S Head (Swing Single Squeegee). This unique feature allows you to adjust the squeegee attack angle and speed to create an ideal printing environment that perfectly matches the solder being used. The result? Uncompromising print quality with no room for imperfections.

Consistent Results with Stencil Vacuum Mechanism

Say goodbye to inconsistencies caused by stencil droop. YAMAHA’s stencil printers boast a reliable stencil vacuum mechanism that ensures consistent high accuracy printing. Bid farewell to offset entry during back-and-forth printing movement, reducing setup time and boosting overall efficiency.

Maximize Productivity with Large-size Boards and Stencils

Despite its compact form, our stencil printers offer extreme versatility. Effortlessly handle large PCBs up to L510×W460mm and a wide range of stencil sizes. From standard to optional sizes, these printers are engineered to elevate line productivity to the max, accommodating various production needs.

Enhance Precision with Graphic Layer Base Alignment

With our advanced graphic layer base alignment function, achieving perfect position alignment becomes a breeze. This feature overlays two images on the monitor, allowing even beginners to make fine parameter adjustments with ease. Say hello to precise print position alignment and flawless outcomes.

Boost Production Efficiency with ID Monitoring

Experience highly efficient production through YAMAHA’s SMT Production Line Network. Our IT option enables ID monitoring of solder, stencil, and squeegees via barcodes. Prevent entry setting errors during setups and changeovers by matching PCB data with actual work tasks. Track solder expiration dates, humidity, oxidation, and the Guaranteed Time Limit.





Yamaha is a well-established and highly respected global corporation with a diverse presence across various industries, including music, electronics, and manufacturing. In the realm of electronics manufacturing, Yamaha has made a significant impact by providing innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. One of their notable contributions is their line of stencil printers, designed to enhance precision and efficiency in the PCB assembly process.

Yamaha’s history dates back to 1887 when it was founded as a piano and reed organ manufacturer. Over the years, the company expanded its scope, diversifying into the production of motorcycles, audio equipment, and musical instruments, earning a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and innovation. In the electronics manufacturing industry, Yamaha has gained prominence for its advanced surface mount technology (SMT) equipment, including stencil printers.

Yamaha’s stencil printers are sophisticated machines tailored to optimize the solder printing process during PCB assembly. These printers boast a range of features that ensure high accuracy, efficiency, and versatility, meeting the demands of modern electronics manufacturing.

Yamaha’s stencil printers exemplify the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in electronics manufacturing. With their advanced features, precision printing capabilities, and support for efficient production processes, these printers have become a valuable asset for electronics manufacturers seeking to optimize their PCB assembly workflows. Yamaha’s reputation for high durability and stringent quality standards makes their stencil printers a preferred choice for companies seeking reliability and performance in their PCB assembly operations.


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