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Custom Furnaces

Experience Unparalleled Precision and Control with Our Custom Furnaces

Unlock the potential of advanced thermal processing with our custom furnaces. Designed with cutting-edge technology and precise controls, our belt furnaces offer unrivaled atmosphere and temperature control for a wide range of applications. Explore the features that make our custom furnaces the ideal choice for your thermal processing needs.
Precise Atmosphere Control: Achieve optimal processing conditions with our custom furnaces. Our advanced atmosphere control systems ensure consistent gas composition, purity, and flow rates, enabling precise control over the thermal environment.
Temperature Uniformity: Experience exceptional temperature uniformity across the entire process chamber. Our custom furnaces utilize innovative heating elements and sophisticated temperature control algorithms, resulting in consistent and reliable thermal profiles.
Versatile Conveyor System: Our belt furnaces feature a customizable conveyor system, allowing you to accommodate various product sizes and configurations. Enjoy seamless integration with your production line for efficient and continuous processing.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity in Your Thermal Processing

Maximize productivity and streamline your thermal processing operations with our custom furnaces. Discover the benefits that our advanced features bring to your manufacturing processes.

Custom Furnaces
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BTU International

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Amtech Group (Nasdaq: ASYS), BTU International stands as a global supplier and technology leader in advanced thermal processing equipment solutions within the electronics manufacturing market. Renowned for its commitment to innovation, BTU specializes not only in precision-controlled, high-temperature belt furnaces but also offers a comprehensive range of custom solutions tailored to unique applications. These applications span diverse areas such as brazing, direct bond copper, diffusion furnace, aluminum sintering, and advanced solar cell processing.

Since its inception in 1950, BTU International has shipped over 10,000 units, establishing itself as the trusted name for high-tech thermal processing solutions. BTU’s products distinguish themselves in processes where the precise control of atmosphere and temperature is paramount to achieving optimal product yield. The company’s ISO certification in both its USA and China manufacturing facilities underscores its commitment to quality and global standards. For customers grappling with high-volume thermal processing challenges, BTU International remains the go-to source for cutting-edge solutions that elevate performance and reliability.

BTU’s Pyramax™

Family of high-throughput convection reflow ovens is widely recognized as the global standard of excellence for SMT solder reflow, semiconductor packaging and LED packaging and assembly.
Pyramax™ reflow ovens provide optimized lead-free processing for the ultimate productivity and efficiency.
With 6, 8, 10, and 12-zone air or nitrogen models, 350oC maximum temperature, and a comprehensive menu of options, Pyramax™ reflow ovens are the industry’s most versatile performers and best value.

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