Splicing Tape

Elevate Packaging Efficiency with Versatile 8mm Splice Tapes

Your Essential Tool for Packaging Precision

Discover the transformative potential of the 8mm Splice Tapes – the ultimate solution for streamlined packaging processes. Whether working with paper or plastic tape, punched or formed pockets, these splice tapes redefine convenience and versatility. Designed to seamlessly integrate with various cover tapes and brass clips, they empower you to achieve packaging perfection effortlessly.

Unleash Versatility: An All-in-One Solution

Embrace simplicity in your packaging endeavors with the 8mm Splice Tapes. These dynamic tapes are compatible with both paper and plastic tape, making them an all-encompassing choice. They effortlessly complement punched or formed pockets, adapting to your diverse packaging needs.

A Perfect Pair: Brass Clips and Brass Clips on Lead Frame

Unlock the full potential of these splice tapes with the perfect pairing of brass clips (K.BRS) or brass clips on lead frame (K.BRSLF). These combinations, along with their respective splicing tools, create a harmonious packaging ecosystem that ensures precision and reliability.

Top Cover Tape, Bottom Cover Tape, and Formed Pocket Bottoms

Experience packaging like never before with the 8mm Splice Tapes. Their adaptability extends to every layer of packaging – from the top cover tape to the bottom cover tape, and even the formed pocket bottoms. Seamlessly secure your components with the confidence that comes from meticulous precision.

Your Toolbox for Efficiency: Removable Card Packaging

The 8mm Splice Tapes arrive in a packaging that embodies their essence – efficiency and convenience. Each tape set is neatly placed on a removable card, featuring four splices per card. This thoughtful design ensures easy access and storage, enhancing your overall packaging workflow.

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