Smart Push Line


Efficiency and Precision at Your Fingertips

At the heart of your PCB assembly process lies the revolutionary Smart Push Line – a modular system designed to elevate your production to new heights. Say goodbye to assembly uncertainties and hello to guaranteed results with this cutting-edge solution.

Guided Assembly for Perfection

Embrace the future of PCB assembly with Smart Push Line’s brilliant visual instructions. The system directs your operators with laser precision, ensuring each component finds its rightful place on the PCB. Polarity, technical data, and exact positions are displayed, leaving no room for errors. Video instructions complement the process, providing your operators with unmatched clarity.

Streamlined Part Handling

The devil is in the details, and Smart Push Line pays attention to every one of them. Thanks to automated rotary part dispensers, your operators will receive the correct components with ease and accuracy. Confusion is eliminated with clear visual instructions that indicate the quantity to be placed. The system even reminds your operators to return components to the correct pocket, keeping the assembly error-free.

Versatility Meets Simplicity

Whether you’re working with small or large components, Smart Push Line adapts seamlessly. The innovative Dynamic Pick to Light system ensures that operators can efficiently handle materials of varying sizes and packaging. No more mis-picking or hesitation – only precise assembly steps with consistent results.

Tailored Board Placement

Standalone configuration, Slide Line, or integrated conveyors – choose the setup that suits your production needs best. Smart Push Line securely holds PCBs without additional clamps, keeping the workspace clear and organized. With integrated conveyors, you’ll experience a cost-effective, high-flexibility flow line production solution, seamlessly integrating into your existing setup.

Step-by-Step Expertise

From the first placement to the final touch, Smart Push Line offers unwavering guidance to your operators. With images, text instructions, and laser indications, assembling even the most complex PCBs becomes a breeze. Each step is confirmed and verified, ensuring consistency throughout the process and enabling your staff to tackle any board with ultimate flexibility and upskilled expertise.







Robotas, a pioneering company in the realm of manufacturing automation, has garnered a stellar reputation for its cutting-edge products and solutions. Among their standout offerings is the Smart Push Line, an exceptional modular system that has transformed the landscape of PCB assembly (PCBA) processes.

At the core of Robotas’ innovation lies the concept of modularity. The Smart Push Line is ingeniously designed as a collection of interconnected modules that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of diverse PCB assembly workflows. This flexibility enables manufacturers to seamlessly integrate the system into their existing production setups, resulting in increased efficiency and optimized performance.

Robotas’ Smart Push Line is a remarkable modular system that has revolutionized the PCB assembly industry. With its guided assembly, automated part handling, error prevention features, and optional modules, the Smart Push Line elevates efficiency, precision, and product quality to unprecedented levels. Manufacturers can confidently rely on Robotas’ expertise and innovation to achieve exceptional results in their PCBA operations.

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