Pick and Place

Effortless Handling of Large Boards and Wide Range Components


Breaking Boundaries in Component Placement

Experience the pinnacle of versatility with our hybrid placement functions. Our newly developed dispense heads enable seamless alternation between solder paste dispensing and component mounting, giving you the freedom to embrace hybrid placement. Thanks to the removable Dot Station fitted to the feeder bank, achieving 3D placement has never been easier.

 Effortless Handling of Large Boards and Wide Range Components

Our cutting-edge multi-conveyor system utilizes a laser sensor to measure board length, ensuring optimal board position for efficient component placement, regardless of size or shape. With a maximum board length of 1,240mm and component handling capabilities ranging from ultra-tiny 0201mm chips to components up to 120 x 90mm, we provide the greatest class on the market, ensuring your production line is future-ready.

Elevate Your Production Efficiency

Efficiency and flexibility reign with our CFB/CTF full compatibility. Seamlessly use the newly developed CFB-45E along with existing CFB’s and CTF on our M10, M20, S10, and S20 models. Our 6-axis 2-theta head and air pulse type dispense head provide unmatched flexibility, making setup a breeze. Embrace the future of component mounting with our revolutionary features.



Yamaha Corporation is a renowned Japanese multinational corporation with a rich history spanning over a century. Originally founded in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer, Yamaha has grown to become a leading global brand in various industries, including musical instruments, audio equipment, electronics, and industrial machinery.

At the heart of Yamaha’s hybrid placement solution lies its state-of-the-art dispense heads. These newly developed heads are capable of seamlessly alternating between solder paste dispensing and component mounting. This innovative feature enables the placement of components on standard PCBs as well as on concave-convex, tilting, and curved surfaces. Whether it’s automotive, medical, or telecommunications applications, Yamaha’s machines are ready to tackle the demands of 3D MID production.

Yamaha’s hybrid placement solution empowers manufacturers with the ultimate flexibility to realize 3D MID placement. By combining speed, accuracy, and adaptability, Yamaha ensures that its machines are at the forefront of the electronics manufacturing industry, driving innovation and productivity for businesses worldwide.

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