Odd Form Placement

Maximum Components and Outstanding Mounting Capability


Unlocking High Performance and Efficiency

With a maximum component size of 100 x 100mm and a height of 45mm, our cutting-edge product is designed to handle a wide range of components. Whether you’re dealing with heavy components weighing up to 1kg or require press fitting capabilities, this machine delivers exceptional performance and precision. It’s time to elevate your production processes to new heights.

Unleashing Versatility and Adaptability

Our product offers a wide-scale range of compatibility, accommodating various component sizes and shapes. While the specifications cover a significant range, we understand that your unique requirements may extend beyond the standard. That’s why we offer customized nozzles, allowing you to tackle large or odd-shaped components effortlessly. Your production line just got more flexible and adaptable.

Embrace Seamless Integration and Streamlined Operations

Efficiency is the cornerstone of success, and we’ve got you covered. With our automatic nozzle station, you can effortlessly exchange large 25mm nozzles, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted production. Additionally, our automatic tray supply unit supports a component height of 45mm and can handle up to 15 trays, maximizing your productivity potential. Say goodbye to manual setups and embrace the power of automation.


Yamaha Corporation is a renowned Japanese multinational corporation with a rich history spanning over a century. Originally founded in 1887 as a piano and reed organ manufacturer, Yamaha has grown to become a leading global brand in various industries, including musical instruments, audio equipment, electronics, and industrial machinery.

In the electronics industry, Yamaha is highly regarded for its cutting-edge surface mounter products. Yamaha’s surface mounters are advanced machines used in the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs). These machines play a crucial role in the surface mount technology (SMT) process, where electronic components are mounted directly onto the surface of a PCB.The process of manufacturing Yamaha’s surface mounters involves a combination of innovative technology, precision engineering, and rigorous quality control measures.

Yamaha’s commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and customer satisfaction has earned them a prominent position in the surface mounter market. Their machines are trusted by electronics manufacturers worldwide for their reliability, efficiency, and ability to meet the demanding requirements of modern PCB assembly processes.


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