Precision and Performance: Your PCB Assembly Solution


Effortless Tape Loading for Uninterrupted Efficiency

Discover the ultimate labor-saving solution for your PCB assembly process. Our feeders system revolutionizes tape loading, reducing setup time, and eliminating the need for tedious tape recovery and splicing. With a high-speed tape loading time of approximately 5 seconds, you can keep your machines running smoothly, drastically reducing operating costs and downtime.

No More Pickup Errors – Thanks to Unique Center-Open Method

Bid farewell to pickup errors caused by static electricity and fiber residue. Our unique center-open method ensures flawless part pickup, maintaining efficiency and precision throughout your production process. Designed for superb operability, our tape setting mechanism allows for easy feed positon adjustments even with feeders on both sides. Plus, you can set two reels anytime, regardless of part feed timing, streamlining your workflow with ease.

Seamless Integration with YS/YSM/YRM Series Mounters

Our Auto Loading Function comes with an SS/ZS/ZSR feeder joint interface, perfectly supporting YS/YSM/YRM series mounters with tape-cutters. Experience non-stop feeder replacement even during ongoing operations, ensuring smooth and continuous production.

4 Feeder Types for Component Size Diversity

Embrace versatility with our system, as it accommodates component sizes from 0603mm to 3216mm. Choose from 4 types of feeders, each tailored to different component requirements, providing you with the flexibility to handle various assembly needs.

Tape Cutter Jig and Tape Leveler for Enhanced Precision

Ensure precise tape cutting with our Auto Loading Feeder dedicated jig, ensuring a seamless matching position. Additionally, our Tape Leveler optimizes the top tape processing, guaranteeing smooth and efficient operations.



Yamaha is a prominent and globally recognized company that has established its presence in various industries, including music, electronics, and manufacturing. In the realm of electronics manufacturing, Yamaha stands as a key player, offering an extensive array of solutions and technologies aimed at elevating PCB assembly processes. Notably, the company excels in the production of feeders for surface mount technology (SMT) machines, a critical component in the electronic assembly workflow.

Central to Yamaha’s success is its unwavering commitment to research and development. The company invests significantly in this area, ensuring that it stays at the forefront of technological advancements in PCB assembly. By meticulously analyzing industry trends, gathering customer feedback, and closely monitoring emerging needs, Yamaha continuously refines its feeder offerings to meet the evolving demands of the market.

Innovation is a driving force behind Yamaha’s feeder design. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and pioneering features, Yamaha’s feeders are engineered to offer unparalleled ease of use, versatility, and top-notch performance. With the ability to accommodate a diverse range of electronic components, Yamaha’s feeders provide manufacturers with the flexibility and adaptability they need to excel in PCB assembly.

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