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Stereo Microscopes for EM

Unleash a New Dimension of Observation


Superior Optics for Crystal Clear 3D Imaging

Experience the ultimate visual clarity and precision with the Stereo Microscope with C-Mount. Crafted with exceptional Japanese engineering and craftsmanship, this microscope provides crystal clear 3D images and an expansive field of view. Immerse yourself in a world of intricate details and vivid visuals, brought to life by the superior optics of this remarkable instrument. Whether for professional use or personal exploration, this microscope is the perfect tool to unlock a new dimension of observation.

Multiviewing Capability for Enhanced Observations

The Stereo Microscope “Multiview” takes your observation experience to the next level. With the ability to simultaneously view images through both eyepieces and an external monitor connected to a camera, you can easily capture and share your discoveries. Whether collaborating with colleagues or teaching students, the Multiview feature ensures seamless interactions and enhances your overall observation process. Immerse yourself in a dynamic world of exploration and discovery, and share your findings with ease.

Versatile Magnification and Ergonomic Design

The Stereo Microscope with C-Mount offers unmatched versatility with its wide magnification range of 6.7x to 50x and a large zoom ratio of 7.5:1. From detailed inspections to broader overviews, this microscope adapts to your specific needs, allowing you to explore subjects with precision and accuracy. The adjustable zoom knob and 17mm high eye point ensure a comfortable viewing experience, while the 108mm long working distance provides ample space for your samples. Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities, where every detail is magnified and every observation is a revelation.


Carton COC - Cropped

Carton Optical

A trailblazer in microscope manufacturing, Carton Optical has earned a reputation for crafting top-tier instruments that redefine clarity and precision in observations. Their innovative approach has revolutionized microscopy, placing them at the forefront of the industry.

Carton Optical’s microscopes boast advanced features tailored to diverse user needs, incorporating state-of-the-art imaging technology with high-resolution cameras for capturing clear and detailed images. These instruments are equipped with adjustable magnification ranges, allowing users to explore subjects from various perspectives.

Prioritizing user comfort and convenience, Carton Optical microscopes feature ergonomic designs and adjustable elements, including tilt and pupillary distance, ensuring extended periods of comfortable use. Innovative additions, such as removable storage options and a large depth of field, further elevate the overall user experience.

In expanding their product line, Carton Optical seamlessly integrates Stereo Microscopes for Electron Microscopy (EM), introducing a new dimension of precision to microscopic observations. This commitment to precision engineering, advanced technology, and user-centric design propels Carton Optical to push the boundaries of microscope manufacturing. Their microscopes have become indispensable tools across various sectors, including research, healthcare, education, and industrial applications. With Carton Optical, users can confidently anticipate exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility in their microscopy endeavors.

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