Manual X-Ray Inspection MXI

Unleashing the Power of Manual X-ray Inspection: Versatility and Precision


 Precise and Reliable Defect Detection with X-ray Inspection Systems

Experience unparalleled precision and reliability in defect detection with advanced X-ray inspection systems. These non-destructive tools are used across a wide spectrum of applications, from quality controls for complex assemblies to testing materials for cracks and air inclusions. With the trend towards miniaturization and higher packing densities, Manual X-ray systems are designed to deliver precise inspections that quickly and reliably detect hidden defects. They excel in inspecting series assemblies, sampling, and prototype controls, handling typical inspection tasks in concealed areas like void controls, THT filling level measurements, and HIP inspections. With high inspection speeds and cost-effectiveness, these systems provide accurate determinations of defect features such as coplanarity and polarity.

Flexible and Comprehensive: Manual X-ray Inspection (MXI)

When traditional AOI systems reach their limits, MXI’s flexible universal X-ray systems step in. These versatile tools are capable of inspecting die bonds, BGAs, flip chips, and voids in surface soldering. MXI’s proprietary XVR computer tomography (CT) enables 3D reconstruction, allowing for the detection of defects, volume reconstruction, and precise measurements. The company’s in-house developed microfocus transmission tubes and high-resolution digital flat panel detectors ensure excellent image quality. Additional features, including an object stage, a 360° rotation module, and a motorized rotation and tilt axis, enhance the versatility of these manual X-ray inspection systems.

 High-Speed Handling and Superior Quality: 3D Inline Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI)

MXI’s 3D inline automatic X-ray inspection (AXI) systems combine high-speed handling and first-class 3D image quality. They are designed to meet the highest cycle time requirements in assembly processes. With handling times of up to four seconds, these systems can handle multiple circuit boards simultaneously. The integration of faster 2D and 2.5D inspections with 3D inspections offers enhanced capabilities. Among MXI’s flagship products, the X7056-II is renowned for its high-speed handling and comprehensive inspection capabilities, combining 3D AOI and AXI in a single system. For demanding applications involving large, heavy, and solid circuit boards, power electronics, and energy storage, the innovative iX7059 Heavy Duty Inspection system excels with its integrated CT technology. For manual inspection tasks, the X8011-III and X8068 impress as standalone solutions in production or laboratory applications.


Viscom is a leading company specializing in the manufacturing of advanced X-ray inspection products. With their expertise in the field of electronics manufacturing, Viscom develops innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of quality control and defect detection.

The X-ray inspection systems produced by Viscom are designed to detect defects in various applications, ensuring product integrity and reliability. These systems utilize cutting-edge technology to perform non-destructive inspections, providing detailed analysis and measurements for quality assurance.

Viscom’s X-ray inspection products cater to a wide range of inspection needs. They are used in quality controls for complex assemblies, material testing for cracks and air inclusions, and the detection of foreign matter inclusions and shape deviations. The company’s commitment to precision and reliability makes their X-ray systems indispensable in today’s industry, where miniaturization, higher packing densities, and component relocations demand accurate inspections.

Viscom’s X-ray products are designed to meet the highest cycle time requirements while maintaining superior inspection quality. Their 3D inline automatic X-ray inspection (AXI) systems offer fast assembly handling and first-class 3D image quality. These systems can handle multiple circuit boards simultaneously, combining 2D, 2.5D, and 3D inspections to adapt to various inspection needs.

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