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Loupes and Magnifiers

Enhance Your Exploration with Essential Accessories


Unveiling the Finest Details with 10x Magnification

Experience the power of magnification with Carton’s retractable and portable appraisal loupe. With an impressive 10x magnification, this loupe brings even the tiniest details into clear focus. Unlock a world of hidden intricacies as you explore jewelry, PCB boards, prints, stamp collections, collectible cards, and more. Discover the beauty and craftsmanship that lies beneath the surface with Carton’s high-quality triplet glass lens.

Sleek Design and Premium Build for Optimal Performance

Carton’s appraisal loupe not only delivers exceptional functionality but also boasts an elegant design. The aluminum die-casting body with a black matte finish exudes sophistication and durability. Its retractable feature allows for convenient storage and portability, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go examinations. Experience the perfect balance of style and performance with Carton’s loupe.

Accessories for Easy Carrying and Protection

Carton appraisal loupe comes complete with essential accessories to enhance your user experience. The included case ensures safe storage and protects your loupe from dust and scratches, while the neck strap allows for hands-free use and easy access. Take your appraisal loupe wherever you go, always ready to explore and uncover hidden treasures.


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Carton Optical

Carton Optical, a renowned manufacturer, is synonymous with the production of superior microscopes, showcasing an innovative approach that has redefined the landscape of microscopy. Their commitment to excellence is exemplified through microscopes designed to deliver unmatched clarity and precision in observations.

Carton Optical’s microscopes boast advanced features and functionalities tailored to diverse user needs. Utilizing cutting-edge imaging technology, including high-resolution cameras, these microscopes capture crystal-clear and detailed images. The incorporation of adjustable magnification ranges enables users to observe subjects from various perspectives, enhancing versatility.

Prioritizing user convenience and comfort, Carton Optical microscopes feature ergonomic designs with adjustable elements like tilt and pupillary distance. This ensures users can work comfortably over extended periods. Innovative additions such as removable storage options and a large depth of field further elevate the user experience.

In the realm of Electron Microscopy (EM), Carton Optical takes a giant leap forward by seamlessly integrating Loupes & Magnifiers into their microscope range. This addition enhances precision and detailed observation, catering to the specific requirements of EM applications. With a blend of precision engineering, advanced technology, and user-centric design, Carton Optical continues to redefine microscope manufacturing, providing indispensable tools for professionals in research, healthcare, education, and industrial applications. Expect nothing short of exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility in your microscopy endeavors with Carton Optical.

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