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Digital Microscopes for EM

Explore the World in High Definition with the Digital Microscope 


Crystal Clear Images and Wide Field of View

Experience the power of the Digital Microscope for EM, designed to provide you with unmatched clarity and precision in your visual inspections. With its revolutionary engineered optics, this microscope delivers crystal clear 3D images that bring your subjects to life. The wide field of view ensures that you never miss a detail, making it perfect for a wide range of applications.

Unparalleled Performance and Speed

The Digital Microscope is built for excellence in performance and speed. Whether you’re conducting precise visual inspections, carrying out intricate assembly tasks, or conducting observations, this microscope delivers exceptional results. Its integrated high-resolution camera captures every detail with stunning clarity, and the wide magnification range of 5x to 50x allows you to explore your subjects from various perspectives.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Convenience

We understand the importance of convenience in your workflow, and that’s why the Digital Microscope for EM is packed with advanced features. The variable working distance of 120-300mm provides flexibility for different inspection scenarios, while the removable SD card ensures easy storage and transfer of captured images and videos. The large 30mm depth of field allows you to focus on multiple layers of your subject, bringing even the finest details into sharp focus.


Digital Microscopes for EM
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Carton Optical

Carton Optical stands as a leading manufacturer renowned for its production of top-tier microscopes, particularly excelling in the realm of Electron Microscopy (EM). Leveraging their expertise and innovative approach, they have pioneered advancements in microscopy, offering users unparalleled clarity and precision in their observations.

Setting the standard for excellence, Carton Optical’s microscopes boast advanced features and functionality tailored to diverse user needs. Utilizing cutting-edge imaging technology, including high-resolution cameras for clear and detailed images, these microscopes provide an extraordinary observational experience. Adjustable magnification ranges allow users to explore subjects from various perspectives, ensuring comprehensive examination.

Prioritizing user comfort and convenience, Carton Optical integrates ergonomic designs and adjustable features such as tilt and pupillary distance, facilitating comfortable and extended use. The inclusion of innovative features like removable storage options and a large depth of field further elevates the overall user experience.

In a commitment to precision engineering, advanced technology, and user-centric design, Carton Optical continually pushes the boundaries of microscope manufacturing. Their microscopes have evolved into indispensable tools across diverse fields, including research, healthcare, education, and industrial applications. With Carton Optical, users can anticipate exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility, particularly when employing Digital Microscopes tailored for Electron Microscopy applications.

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