Automated Solder Paste Inspection SPI

Ultimate Quality through Early Defect Detection

Eliminate Defects at the Source

Achieving impeccable quality in the production process requires meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to analyzing and addressing defects. Solder paste printing plays a crucial role in manufacturing complex assemblies, as any inaccuracies can have a ripple effect, compromising subsequent assembly and soldering processes. From tilted components to weak or missing solder joints, the impact of incorrect paste printing can be significant.

Reliable Inspection for Solder Paste Deposits

Designed specifically for solder paste inspection (SPI), optical inspection systems provide swift and dependable evaluation of solder paste deposits on circuit boards. These advanced systems measure crucial defect features, including surface characteristics, height profiles, and volume. By collecting precise measurement and image data, SPI facilitates closed-loop communication with solder paste printers and automatic placement machines. This ensures that placement positions are adjusted based on actual solder paste printing, minimizing risks such as lifted leads or tombstoning. SPI excels at detecting common solder paste defects like offset paste, insufficient paste, and bridging. This invaluable information allows for improved cleaning cycles, offset corrections, and the elimination of weaknesses in PCB designs.

Maximizing Performance with SPI System

SPI systems redefine efficiency by providing lightning-fast and precise inspection of solder paste applications, even for the most demanding assemblies. These cutting-edge systems capture and analyze all critical 3D defect features, including volume, height, form, surface area, displacement, and paste smearing. With SPI, you can trust that every aspect of solder paste application is thoroughly examined, leaving no room for errors.

Complete Inspection Data Integration

Automated Solder Paste Inspection Quality Uplink feature takes efficiency to the next level by offering a centralized display of inspection data from all systems in your production line at the verification station. This comprehensive overview enables real-time process analysis and optimization. With instant access to inspection data, you can make informed decisions promptly, ensuring the highest level of quality control throughout your production process.




Viscom is a reputable company renowned for its expertise in automated optical inspection (AOI) solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. With a strong focus on technological innovation, Viscom has established itself as a leader in delivering high-performance AOI systems for quality control and defect detection.

Viscom’s automated optical inspection products employ advanced imaging technologies and powerful software algorithms to ensure accurate and reliable inspection of electronic assemblies. These systems utilize high-resolution cameras and intelligent lighting techniques to capture detailed images of PCBs, components, and solder joints.

Viscom’s AOI systems offer a range of features designed to meet the diverse needs of electronics manufacturers. These features include customizable inspection parameters, real-time defect detection, and user-friendly interfaces. The systems can handle high-speed production lines and provide rapid feedback to optimize manufacturing processes.

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