Automated Optical Inspection AOI

Achieve Uncompromising Quality with Automated Optical Inspection Systems

Unleash Precision and Longevity

In today’s electronics manufacturing, the implementation of automatic optical inspection (3D AOI) is crucial for maintaining superior quality control. When investing in a 3D AOI system, companies strive to ensure their electronic products are manufactured with the highest quality standards, guaranteeing long service life. AOI systems offer unrivaled measurement accuracy and exceptional image quality, empowering you to achieve excellence in every aspect.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio for Diverse Needs

Automated Optical Inspection offers a comprehensive range of optical inspection products, including the S3088 system line, consisting of the S3088 ultra, S3088 ultra gold, S3088 ultra chrome, and S3088 DT. These systems deliver optimal inspection for circuit board surfaces.

Flexible and Precise Inspection with Manual AOI Systems

AOI systems offer the flexibility of standalone desktop solutions. These systems are ideal for inspecting components and solder joints on circuit boards away from the production line. Leveraging optical inspection procedures and angled camera modules, critical defects are reliably detected.

Choose Automated Optical Inspection to ensure uncompromising quality, precise inspection, and efficient defect detection. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology and elevate your quality control processes to new heights.


Viscom is a reputable company renowned for its expertise in automated optical inspection (AOI) solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. With a strong focus on technological innovation, Viscom has established itself as a leader in delivering high-performance AOI systems for quality control and defect detection.

Viscom’s automated optical inspection products employ advanced imaging technologies and powerful software algorithms to ensure accurate and reliable inspection of electronic assemblies. These systems utilize high-resolution cameras and intelligent lighting techniques to capture detailed images of PCBs, components, and solder joints.

Viscom’s AOI systems offer a range of features designed to meet the diverse needs of electronics manufacturers. These features include customizable inspection parameters, real-time defect detection, and user-friendly interfaces. The systems can handle high-speed production lines and provide rapid feedback to optimize manufacturing processes.

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