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Automated X-RAY Component Counters 

The pinnacle of efficiency and accuracy – our Automated X-RAY Component Counters. Redefining the landscape of component counting in the electronics manufacturing industry, these advanced counters stand as a testament to precision and automation. Designed for the demands of modern production environments, our X-RAY Component Counters seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with the reliability required for efficient inventory management. Say farewell to manual counting challenges and embrace a new era of speed, accuracy, and streamlined workflows. Welcome to a realm where automation meets excellence, and your component counting processes are transformed into a model of efficiency.


Unmatched Speed and Accuracy

Experience the fastest and most accurate component counting with the Automated X-RAY Component Counters. Counting reels has never been quicker, allowing you to process your inventory sooner and save valuable time and labor costs. With the ability to count a single reel or four reels in under 20 seconds, this cutting-edge technology revolutionizes your inventory management.

Effortless Operation with AI Technology

Say goodbye to programming and teaching. The Automated X-RAY Component Counters utilize advanced AI technology, automatically recognizing components without any manual intervention. Seamlessly integrate with your inventory system through the flexible MES interface, enabling instant updates and efficient data management.

Simplified Setup and Reliable Results

Enjoy hassle-free operation with plug-and-play setup. Just place your reels inside the system and press a button to initiate the scanning process. The automatic reel detection eliminates the risk of user errors, ensuring accurate counts for each reel. The new detector technology delivers superior contrast and minimal parallax distortion, resulting in precise counts for various components, including challenging ones like 01005s, diodes, resistor networks, and low-density components.


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