Torque Drivers

Experience Unparalleled Precision with Torque Drivers


Innovating Clean Room Excellence: Torque Drivers

Introducing the Torque Drivers – your gateway to clean room perfection. Designed to excel in clean room applications, these tools redefine precision, ease, and safety. With state-of-the-art brushless motors and clutch torque control, Torque Drivers provide the ultimate solution for your critical operations.

Simplifying Excellence: Setting Up Torque Drivers

Simplicity meets precision with Torque Drivers. Setting up your tools is a breeze, and operation is even simpler. External torque adjustment streamlines the process, and manual adjustment of the front clutch ensures your desired torque setting. Paired with a control unit, each screwdriver incorporates an electronic control circuit that responds to the clutch action, halting the motor as soon as the preset torque is achieved.

Maintenance-Free Mastery: Torque Drivers at Their Best

Elevate your productivity with Torque Drivers’ maintenance-free solution. Swiss brushless motors merge seamlessly with magnetic clutch switches, creating a tool that requires no brush replacements or maintenance operations. The result? Uninterrupted productivity and consistent performance.

EDU1BL Control Units: Pioneering Electronics for Extended Life

Innovative design lies at the heart of Torque Drivers. The EDU1BL control units employ cutting-edge electronics at a mere 30 VDC, conserving current and extending the life of driver start and clutch switches. This commitment to durability ensures your tools remain reliable and efficient for the long haul.

Zero Emissions: A Cleaner, Greener Solution

Torque Drivers don’t just excel in precision – they lead in environmental responsibility. By eliminating brushes, these tools create zero emissions of carbon dust and pollutants, making them an ideal choice for clean-room applications. Breathe easy knowing your tools contribute to a cleaner, safer environment.




Kolver North America functions as a subsidiary of Kolver, situated in Thiene, Italy, and was established in 1989. Gaining prominence in European and North American markets alike, the company’s renown is a result of its provision of premium products accompanied by unparalleled customer support. Annually, Kolver manufactures cutting-edge drivers in Italy, which are subsequently dispatched to more than 30 nations worldwide. The company’s success is underpinned by its unwavering commitment to innovation, environmentally-conscious practices, swift service, and a strong foundation of respecting both humanity and the environment.

Significantly, Kolver’s dedication to quality is underscored through its ISO9001:2000 certification, originating from the initial ISO9002. Globally, an expanding client base applauds Kolver’s products for their reliability, precision, safety, energy efficiency, durability, and inventive engineering. With a storied history spanning over a quarter-century, Kolver S.r.l. embarked as an engineering endeavor with a clear focus on producing top-notch AC and DC electric screwdrivers. This pursuit earned the company a distinguished reputation for creating the industry’s most outstanding and economically viable solutions.

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