EMS and OEM Quoting Software

EMS and OEM Quoting Software

Real-Time Pricing: Empower Your Quoting Process with Precision

Experience the power of our EMS and OEM Quoting Software, designed to simplify and accelerate your quoting process like never before. With our innovative API integrations, you can now generate quotes with real-time contract and registered pricing. Say goodbye to manual calculations and hello to precise, up-to-date pricing information that ensures accuracy and boosts your responsiveness.

Total Quote Management: Streamline Your Workflow with Efficiency

Our comprehensive EMS and OEM Quoting Software offers end-to-end management capabilities, revolutionizing the way you handle quotes. From gathering prices to formatting quotes and even setting follow-up reminders, we’ve got you covered. Our built-in integration feature ensures seamless compatibility with other systems like ERP, MES, and CRM, enabling a smooth workflow that saves you valuable time and effort.

Automate and Optimize: From Excel Errors to Precision Profits

We understand the complexities of cost models and overhead allocation, which is why our software takes care of them effortlessly. By automatically accounting for leader and attrition by component class, our system eliminates excel errors and automates overhead allocation through activity-based costing. With the ability to configure your cost model and attach relevant documents, you’ll have full control and accuracy at your fingertips.


CalcuQuote is a leading company known for its cutting-edge EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) software product. With a focus on revolutionizing the quoting process in the electronics manufacturing industry, CalcuQuote provides a comprehensive solution that streamlines operations and enhances efficiency for EMS companies.

CalcuQuote’s EMS software product is specifically designed to simplify and optimize the quoting process, enabling EMS companies to generate accurate quotes quickly and effectively. By leveraging advanced technology and intelligent algorithms, their software offers a range of features that facilitate seamless operations and drive business growth.

One key aspect of CalcuQuote’s EMS software is its ability to provide real-time pricing. Through API integrations, the software enables users to access real-time contract and registered pricing data, eliminating the need for manual calculations and ensuring accurate and up-to-date pricing information. This empowers EMS companies to respond to customer inquiries promptly and with precision, enhancing their competitiveness in the market.

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