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Stencil Cleaning Machines

Step into the world of precision and cleanliness with Yamaha Corporation’s Stencil Cleaning Machines. These nifty devices are the unsung heroes behind the scenes in electronics manufacturing, ensuring that the heart of the process—the printed circuit boards (PCBs)—gets the VIP treatment it deserves. It’s like a spa day for your stencils, where every speck of dust and smidgen of solder paste is gently whisked away, guaranteeing top-notch performance. Yamaha’s Stencil Cleaning Machines are not just tools; they’re the guardians of impeccable circuitry, making sure your electronics shine bright and work even brighter. Let’s dive into the world of squeaky-clean technology!


Efficient Removal of Solder Paste and SMT Adhesives

Stencil Cleaning Machines utilizes the innovative power of sound waves to provide a safe and effective cleaning solution for stencils, screens, and misprints. Its advanced 40 kHz sweep-frequency ultrasonic sound generators deliver exceptional cleaning performance. Therefore, ensuring the thorough removal of raw solder paste and uncured SMT adhesives. Experience the power of sound-waves and elevate your cleaning process to new heights.

Stencil Cleaning Machines ZDO Zero Discharge: Clean with Confidence

In the Zero Discharge (ZDO) configuration, Stencil Cleaning Machines offers an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. It effectively removes all solder pastes and uncured SMT adhesives while operating in a closed-loop system. The wash solution  filters and recirculates to eliminate the need for disposal. With the built-in solder paste trap and filtration system, you can achieve optimal cleanliness without any discharge, ensuring a sustainable and responsible cleaning process.

Stencil Cleaning Machines LDO Low Discharge: Balancing Efficiency and Sustainability

In the Low Discharge (LDO) configuration, Stencil Cleaning Machines strikes a balance between efficiency and sustainability. It removes all solder pastes and uncured SMT adhesives. Concurrently, maintaining a closed-loop system for the wash solution. The filtered and recirculated wash solution minimizes waste, and the built-in solder paste trap and filtration system ensure optimal cleaning results. The rinse water is directed to drain, providing a low discharge alternative that still prioritizes sustainability.

Stencil Cleaning Machines ECO: Streamlined Cleaning Solution

The design of Stencil Cleaning Machines ECO variant is specifically for the efficient removal of solder pastes. Its closed-loop system with a built-in solder paste trap and filtration system ensures thorough cleaning performance. The wash solution is filtered and recirculated, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability. With the rinse water directed to drain, the machines offers a streamlined and effective cleaning solution for solder paste removal.


stencil cleaning machines
Aqueous Technologies

Aqueous Technologies

Aqueous Technologies, a leading company specializing in inventive cleaning solutions for electronics manufacturing processes, places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and efficient cleaning methods. The company offers a range of cutting-edge products, including stencil cleaning machines, to cater to the evolving needs of the industry.

The aqueous cleaning systems, which encompass stencil cleaning machines, provided by Aqueous Technologies are meticulously crafted with precision and advanced technology to ensure optimal cleaning results. These systems are equipped with multiple cleaning stages, encompassing wash, rinse, and dry cycles, and boast customizable parameters to accommodate specific cleaning requirements. This controlled cleaning process effectively eliminates residues and particles, ensuring the production of clean and reliable electronic assemblies.

Aqueous Technologies’ comprehensive line of cleaning products, inclusive of stencil cleaning machines, is strategically designed to proficiently remove contaminants like flux residues, solder pastes, and other impurities from electronic assemblies and components.

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