Ionic Contamination Test Systems

Ionic Contamination Test Systems: Unleash the Power of Cleanliness Assurance

Accurate and Reliable Cleanliness Testing for Modern Electronics

Experience the pinnacle of cleanliness testing with the Ionic Contamination Test Systems. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of today’s high-density boards and fine-pitch surface-mount devices, this advanced tester ensures your assemblies meet the highest quality standards. With precise ionic contamination testing capabilities, you can confidently monitor and verify the cleanliness of your electronic components.

Unmatched Sensitivity and Compliance with Industry Standards

The Ionic Contamination Test Systems sets the industry benchmark for sensitivity. It complies with the latest IPC standards, including IPC J-STD001-H, IPC-001 TM-650 2.3.25, MIL-STD-2000A, MIL-P-28809, and NASA-STD-8739.1B sections 7.2-7.5. Recognized by the US Navy as the most sensitive tester available, it ensures accurate measurement and quantification of assembly residues.

Effortless Operation, Reliable Results

With its intuitive Windows 10 control system, the Ionic Contamination Test Systems offers an operator-friendly interface. Capture and analyze testing data effortlessly while benefiting from limitless test recipe storage capability. The tester’s dynamic measurement technology continuously re-deionizes the test solution, maintaining high sensitivity throughout the testing process. Its aggressive spray under immersion flow-stream dislodges contamination from under components, delivering precise and reliable results.

Real-Time Process Monitoring, Peace of Mind

Eliminate the need for outsourced services with the Ionic Contamination Test Systems. It performs non-destructive ionic contamination testing in just minutes, providing real-time process monitoring. Meet the requirements of IPC J-STD001-H for ionic testing and ensure the cleanliness of your assemblies while gaining process assurance and peace of mind.

Aqueous Technologies

Aqueous Technologies is a prominent company that specializes in providing innovative cleaning solutions for electronics manufacturing processes. With a focus on environmental sustainability and efficient cleaning methods, Aqueous Technologies offers a range of cutting-edge products to address the evolving needs of the industry.

The aqueous cleaning systems provided by Aqueous Technologies are built with precision and advanced technology to ensure optimal cleaning results. These systems feature multiple cleaning stages, including wash, rinse, and dry cycles, along with customizable parameters to suit specific cleaning requirements. The controlled cleaning process eliminates residues and particles, resulting in clean and reliable electronic assemblies.

Aqueous Technologies’ cleaning products are designed to effectively remove contaminants such as flux residues, solder pastes, and other impurities from electronic assemblies and components.

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