Handheld Stencil Cleaners

Revolutionize Screen Printing with the Handheld Stencil Cleaner

Effortless Cleaning, Flawless Results

Experience the power of the Handheld Stencil Cleaner, the ultimate solution for screen printing stencils used in solder pastes and glues. Say goodbye to residue-filled corners and hello to immaculate stencils that deliver flawless prints. This manual ultrasonic cleaning system combines the effectiveness of cleaning chemistry with the mechanical action of ultrasound, ensuring optimal cleaning results every time.

Unleash the Power of Ultrasonic Technology

With a 40KHz ultrasonic generator, our Handheld Stencil Cleaner utilizes the superior efficiency of ultrasonic waves to deliver exceptional cleaning performance. The single sensor head effortlessly removes contaminants, leaving your stencils pristine and ready for high-quality printing. And for more demanding applications like glues, simply attach the second sensor head to the same unit for intensified cleaning power.

Convenient and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

Cleaning your stencils has never been easier. Place the stencil in the frame of our Handheld Stencil Cleaning Center, positioned on a foam board covered with special disposable paper. With each cleaned stencil, simply lift the frame, remove the paper, and cut. This technique minimizes chemistry usage, reducing environmental impact while saving costs.

Transform your screen printing process with the Handheld Stencil Cleaner. Achieve impeccable stencil cleanliness, eliminate residue concerns, and unlock the full potential of your prints. Invest in precision, efficiency, and eco-consciousness today.


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