Cleaning Chemistry

Revolutionary Cleaning Chemistry for Reliable Results

Flawless Cleaning Power, Unparalleled Performance

ZESTRON is the leader in high precision cleaning products for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. We work to continually improve the performance and lifespan of critical circuitry in high-reliability applications. Without addressing the failure mechanisms at key stages throughout the design and manufacturing process, your board reliability may be compromised putting end-product performance at risk. Cleaning the circuit assemblies is a crucial part of any reliability engineering process — proactively mitigating risk by removing the contaminants that lead to field failures.

Innovative Technology

ZESTRON products are engineered and rigorously tested for optimal cleaning performance, material compatibility, and high throughput in your process line. By continuously investing more than 20% of our annual turnover per year into Research & Development, ZESTRON has been able to constantly develop industry leading cleaning solvents and water-based solutions using our innovative cleaning technologies, MPC® (Micro Phase Cleaning), FAST® (Fast Acting Surfactant Technology) and HYDRON® (Single-Phase Technology).

Designed for Sustainability

Thanks to the technology used, our cleaning chemistry offers eco-friendly formulations, excellent material compatibility, and a quick and efficient cleaning process that minimizes machine downtime. Experience the advantage of reduced operational disruptions while achieving unparalleled cleaning results. With our solution, you can maximize productivity and eliminate unnecessary delays, keeping your operations running smoothly.

At ZESTRON, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of cleaning technology to ensure your manufacturing processes run seamlessly and efficiently.


Zestron is a renowned cleaning company specializing in providing innovative cleaning solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. With a focus on precision cleaning and reliability, Zestron offers a wide range of high-performance cleaning products designed to meet the evolving demands of modern electronics assembly processes.

Zestron’s approach to creating cleaning products involves extensive research, advanced formulation techniques, and a deep understanding of industry requirements. Their products are meticulously developed to address various types of contaminants, including flux residues, solder pastes, oils, greases, and other stubborn substances that can affect the performance and reliability of electronic components.

Zestron employs a comprehensive testing and validation process to ensure the effectiveness and compatibility of their cleaning products. They conduct rigorous testing on various materials, including metals, plastics, and delicate electronic components, to ensure optimal cleaning without causing any damage or degradation.

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