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Spot Curing

Spot Curing Systems: Illuminate Precision with Unrivaled Efficiency


Compact Powerhouse: The Ultimate Light Curing System

Introducing the Spot Curing Systems, a next-generation, high-intensity light curing system that takes curing efficiency to a whole new level. As the industry’s price/performance leader, this ultra-compact system has been designed with a low cost of ownership in mind. Its best-in-class long-life UV/visible arc lamp and filtered input long-life light guide ensure maximum durability and reliability.

Unleash Curing Speed: High Intensity at Its Finest

The Spot Curing Systems boast an impressive new 200W lamp, delivering the highest intensity in the industry. With an outstanding output of 18+ W/cm2 UVA and > 30W/cm2 from 300–550nm, this system maximizes curing speed, making it the ideal choice for high-speed production automation. Its high intensity also enables compatibility with multi-pole light guides, allowing simultaneous light delivery to multiple curing zones without the need for multiple lamp systems.

Cool and Controlled Curing: Safeguarding Sensitive Applications

Engineered for precision, the Spot Curing Systems feature cool light output through a dichroic-coated reflector. This innovative technology only reflects usable UV wavelengths, while diverting harmful high-temperature infrared away from the material being cured. For the most sensitive applications, a secondary in-line filter further reduces heat.

User-Centric Design: Ease and Efficiency in Operation

Experience unmatched user convenience with the Spot Curing Systems. Its user-adjustable front-panel locking intensity control allows for precise regulation, making it perfect for sensitive materials. The timer-controlled shutter, foot-pedal-initiated, frees operators’ hands for other tasks, and a second pedal press instantly stops exposure. The front panel indicators keep you informed, and the resettable hour meter ensures consistent lamp replacement scheduling.

Spot Curing


Uvitron, a global leader in UV curing solutions, empowers industries worldwide with cutting-edge technology. Focused on innovation and reliability, Uvitron is a trusted name for UV curing systems and equipment.

Among Uvitron’s premier products is the Spot Curing System, a high-intensity, programmable UV spot curing solution that transforms large area curing. This advanced system seamlessly integrates all components into a single unit, offering versatile placement anywhere on the factory floor without the need for cumbersome cabling and remote power boxes.

Featuring an integrated retractable shade-type shutter, the Spot Curing System provides precise exposure control, ensuring consistent exposure timing. Crucially, it shields operators from potential harm caused by UV rays during the curing process. The system’s LCD display and digital keypad simplify programming and monitoring operations, giving users unparalleled control.

Uvitron’s Spot Curing System, representing the pinnacle of UV curing technology, revolutionizes large area curing applications across industries. Embrace the future of UV curing with Uvitron and take your curing process to new heights.



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