Flood Curing

Unmatched Performance and Precision: Flood Curing at Its Finest 


The Flood Curing System: Revolutionizing UV Curing

Unleash the power of efficient and reliable UV curing with our advanced Flood Curing System. This programmable UV flood curing system is designed to cater to large area curing needs while ensuring ease of operation and superior performance.

Seamlessly Integrated for Versatile Placement

With all components integrated into a single unit, the Flood Curing System offers unmatched flexibility in installation. Mount it anywhere on your factory floor without the hassle of extensive cabling or remote power boxes. Its compact design and user-friendly setup ensure a seamless experience from the start.Take control of the curing process with user-adjustable intensity levels and a range of exposure timer options. Choose the appropriate curing intensity for even the most sensitive materials. Password protect your settings for added security and peace of mind.

Precise Exposure Control for Optimal Results

Experience precision like never before with the integrated retractable shade type shutter. Enjoy repeatable exposure timing and shield yourself from UV rays during the curing process. The system’s LCD display and digital keypad make programming and monitoring curing operations effortless.Illuminate a generous 16 x 12″ curing area with evenly distributed UV light using the four long-life arc lamps and parabolic reflectors. Powered by the state-of-the-art UV Power-Plus Lamp Driver, our Flood Curing System ensures consistent and reliable curing performance.




Uvitron is a renowned leader in UV curing solutions, empowering industries worldwide with cutting-edge technology. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Uvitron has become a trusted name for UV curing systems and equipment.

One of Uvitron’s flagship products is the Flood Curing System, a high-intensity, programmable UV flood curing system that redefines large area curing. This state-of-the-art system boasts seamless integration of all components into a single unit, allowing versatile placement anywhere on the factory floor. Say goodbye to cumbersome cabling and remote power boxes.

The Flood Curing System offers precise exposure control through its integrated retractable shade type shutter. This feature ensures repeatable exposure timing and, more importantly, shields operators from potentially harmful UV rays during the curing process. The system’s LCD display and digital keypad make programming and monitoring operations a breeze, empowering users with unrivaled control.

Uvitron’s Flood Curing System represents the pinnacle of UV curing technology. With its precision, ease of use, and efficiency, it revolutionizes large area curing applications across industries. Embrace the future of UV curing with Uvitron and elevate your curing process to new heights.

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