Curing Ovens

Robust Cure Systems for Efficient Coating Processes

Achieve optimal curing and enhance your coating processes with our SCS Curing Systems. Designed by a leader in coatings, our cure systems offer robust and reliable solutions for thermal or UV curing requirements. Discover the benefits that our high-quality cure systems bring to your manufacturing operations.

• Efficient and Reliable: Our SCS Curing Systems are engineered to deliver efficient and reliable curing performance, ensuring consistent and uniform results every time. Experience increased productivity and minimize downtime with our dependable cure systems.
• Precision Curing: With our advanced cure systems, you have precise control over the curing process. Achieve the ideal curing conditions, whether it’s drying, hardening, or curing, to ensure optimal coating performance and durability.
• Streamlined Operations: Our cure systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing processes, enabling smooth and efficient operations. Maximize throughput and minimize bottlenecks with our user-friendly and adaptable solutions.

Enhance Coating Quality with SCS Curing Systems

Elevate the quality of your coatings with our SCS Curing Systems. Experience the advantages that our cutting-edge technology brings to your coating applications, ensuring superior performance and longevity.

Specialty Coating Systems

With over 50 years of experience in conformal coating engineering and applications, SCS is a world leader in parylene, liquid, plasma polymerization, ALD and multilayer conformal coating technologies. We are direct descendants of the company that originally developed Parylene and apply that expertise to every project, from initial planning to process application.

PrecisionCure UVC (MUV)

The SCS PrecisionCure UVC Microwave UV Curing System offers customers unmatched flexibility. This new, innovative curing system maximizes valuable production floor space with programmable curing profiles and the industry’s smallest footprint.

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